Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to M.A.C

Did you know? 

By returning 6 M.A.C Primary packaging containers to a M.A.C Counter of M.A.C Cosmetics online, you'll receive a free lipstick. 

A pretty good deal seeing as most of us have at least a few items from M.A.C and use them on a regular basis. Start collecting! Also, I've heard that if you take these 6 containers to a store instead of a counter, you'll get a free eyeshadow. Any such cases? Pls do share!

A small action, but a step towards a greener environment nonetheless! Happy collecting! =) 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail Paint Tricks

 Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
~ 5USD 
Available at drugstores, such as Watsons and Mannings

Summer's here and we need that nail color to dry fast! Try this for a instant and smooth finish to your nails. 

The press mark test: After 2 minutes of letting the color dry, I applied a single layer of Anti-Chip top coat on the right nail. After 30 seconds, I pressed on my nails to compare the result. The left was a complete disaster and definitely needed more time to dry, whereas the right was already dry and had a smooth finish. 

Love it! A must-have for everyone who likes to use nail paint. Take it to your next mani pedi session, and use instead of a top coat. Make sure to apply only a single layer, and you'll be out of there faster with longer lasting results, guaranteed.

Directions: After applying nail polish, let dry for 2 minutes. Apply a single coat of Anti-Chip, and 30 seconds later, they are dry! It works magic. There will be no more press marks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chanson Cosmetics Protection Base

Chanson Cosmetics
Protection Base
HK $630 | 80 mL

Chanson Cosmetics is a Japanese beauty brand. Although not popular in Hong Kong, it seems to be a high end beauty brand in Japan. It's the first Japanese skincare developer with a "Nano" patent.  Its products contain nano-some capsules that stimulate rapid infiltration of nutrients to inner layers of the skin for effective and thorough skin restoration. The formula contains 3 kinds of elements that blend together for whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing.

 Chanson Cosmetics 
Protection Base Swatch
(Less moisture than cream, but more than a toner!)

My review:

It was really difficult to find any information on this product! All google results were in Japanese, and even some of my Japanese friends are unaware of this brand. So I basically experimented and used this product first as a cream, and then as a primer. I'd definitely say that it works better as a primer than a cream, although I'm not sure what the intended purpose of this is. The moisturized sensation you get is less than a cream, but more than a toner, hence I think it'd make as a good primer. Moreover, after applying it, you can see a slight shine to your face. It smells very good too (like rose water).

Since I received this product from COVERmagazine, I'll definitely continue trying it. However, if I were a customer, I would not purchase the product. The brand is unheard of, its quite pricey, and the purpose seems unclear. 

If you'd like to try it out for yourself, here are the counters in Hong Kong:

CHANSON Cosmetics Boutique:
SHOP 207, 2/F The Peak Plaza

CHANSON Cosmetics Showroom:
SHOP 701, Carnavon Plaza, 20 Carnival Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2722 0118

Thanks COVERmagazine!

If you have any thoughts or opinions, please do share! Would love to hear them!