Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to M.A.C

Did you know? 

By returning 6 M.A.C Primary packaging containers to a M.A.C Counter of M.A.C Cosmetics online, you'll receive a free lipstick. 

A pretty good deal seeing as most of us have at least a few items from M.A.C and use them on a regular basis. Start collecting! Also, I've heard that if you take these 6 containers to a store instead of a counter, you'll get a free eyeshadow. Any such cases? Pls do share!

A small action, but a step towards a greener environment nonetheless! Happy collecting! =) 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail Paint Tricks

 Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
~ 5USD 
Available at drugstores, such as Watsons and Mannings

Summer's here and we need that nail color to dry fast! Try this for a instant and smooth finish to your nails. 

The press mark test: After 2 minutes of letting the color dry, I applied a single layer of Anti-Chip top coat on the right nail. After 30 seconds, I pressed on my nails to compare the result. The left was a complete disaster and definitely needed more time to dry, whereas the right was already dry and had a smooth finish. 

Love it! A must-have for everyone who likes to use nail paint. Take it to your next mani pedi session, and use instead of a top coat. Make sure to apply only a single layer, and you'll be out of there faster with longer lasting results, guaranteed.

Directions: After applying nail polish, let dry for 2 minutes. Apply a single coat of Anti-Chip, and 30 seconds later, they are dry! It works magic. There will be no more press marks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chanson Cosmetics Protection Base

Chanson Cosmetics
Protection Base
HK $630 | 80 mL

Chanson Cosmetics is a Japanese beauty brand. Although not popular in Hong Kong, it seems to be a high end beauty brand in Japan. It's the first Japanese skincare developer with a "Nano" patent.  Its products contain nano-some capsules that stimulate rapid infiltration of nutrients to inner layers of the skin for effective and thorough skin restoration. The formula contains 3 kinds of elements that blend together for whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing.

 Chanson Cosmetics 
Protection Base Swatch
(Less moisture than cream, but more than a toner!)

My review:

It was really difficult to find any information on this product! All google results were in Japanese, and even some of my Japanese friends are unaware of this brand. So I basically experimented and used this product first as a cream, and then as a primer. I'd definitely say that it works better as a primer than a cream, although I'm not sure what the intended purpose of this is. The moisturized sensation you get is less than a cream, but more than a toner, hence I think it'd make as a good primer. Moreover, after applying it, you can see a slight shine to your face. It smells very good too (like rose water).

Since I received this product from COVERmagazine, I'll definitely continue trying it. However, if I were a customer, I would not purchase the product. The brand is unheard of, its quite pricey, and the purpose seems unclear. 

If you'd like to try it out for yourself, here are the counters in Hong Kong:

CHANSON Cosmetics Boutique:
SHOP 207, 2/F The Peak Plaza

CHANSON Cosmetics Showroom:
SHOP 701, Carnavon Plaza, 20 Carnival Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2722 0118

Thanks COVERmagazine!

If you have any thoughts or opinions, please do share! Would love to hear them!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

shu uemura stage performer signs off

Received this thanks to COVERmagazine! 

shu uemura stage performer signs-off
45 USD | 4mL

This product is supposed to smooth away the appearance of lines in an instant. It's to be used as either base make up (before your foundation) or as a final touch, depending on whether you're keeping dry or moist. It contains soy extract to boost collagen synthesis and firm the skin. It also aims to give a smooth look and plumped skin. According to the label, it will give you 6 hours of lasting, visible results and 24 hour moisture. 

Is this true? 

The answer is yes! I tried it as base make-up, and it gives a highlighter effect that kind of gives the impression that your skin is raised. This has no glitter, and its pure cream. If you apply it to your cupids bow (the curve above your lips), it'll give the impression of fuller lips. It can be used anywhere, but I believe the most dramatic effect could be seen on that area. Since the function is to boost collagen synthesis, it can't be bad for you right? I recommend using it under your concealer to brighten up the eye area. An innovation with fast results! A magic pen I would say. Try and see for yourself! A recommended buy.

In the stage performer category, there is also another product. It's called the instant glow. I believe that should be good too! Would love to try that also. COVERmagazine, are you reading? ;)

 shu uemura stage performer instant-glow
50 USD | 50 mL

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Daily Moisturizing Creme

Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Daily Moisturizing Cream
50 g | 345 Rs | ~ 50 HKD
SPF 25

About the product:
A luxurious non-greasy moisturizing crème for daily use. Extracts from cherry, plum and alpha hydroxyl fruit acids provide long lasting moisturisation while enhancing capability of skin cells to retain moisture for a long time. Also protects from harmful UV rays. Prevents tanning of skin and other forms of UV rays damage. Smooth and silky skin is what you achieve, all day long. 

Active Ingredients:
Extracts of Cherry, Plum and Alpha hydroxyl acids derived from grapes.

My review:
Since I'm in India at the moment, I thought I'd review a local product! 
Lotus Herbals is a relatively new brand in the market, and its' products are only available in India.Their selling feature is that they tend to use natural extracts such as wild turmeric, lemon peel, jojoba, avocado, tea tree oil, rose petal and tulsi (a kind of basil) leaves. They have a wide range of products from sunblock to hair serums. This product in particular is really refreshing, and good for daily summer use! Just the right amount of moisture for the summer, not too thick, and not excessively light, with just the right hint of SPF to protect you from the sun. With other SPF products for daily use, I tend to break out. But with this, it's smooth skin! (Touchwood!). It smells good too. Love it! 

Any orders?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wish List

Anyone feeling generous? I need the following.. for blogging purposes of course. ;)

Chloe Eau De Parfum for women

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau De Parfum for women

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Shower Gel

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealor
(Available in Hong Kong? Where is Sephora when you need it!)

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealor
(This is supposed to be the God of all concealors! Have to try this somehow. Again, SEPHORA we need you in Hong Kong!)

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia
(Nice and bright! A good change from red!)

Scrub Scrub SCRUB!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub | Invigorating 
Available at most drugstores, under HK $50  

To start the week, I'd like to recommend this product. To date, this is the best scrub that I've tried, and it works magic. Note: Buy the Invigorating, no matter what your skin condition. The gentle/olive/blemish control ones are just 'variations' to this classic one. This is like a heavy duty skincare product that you need every week. It helps you to get rid of stubborn dirt and gives you a smooth instant finish and softer skin. I love how this product contains actual coarse scrub, so that you feel that you are exfoliating the skin and rubbing the dirt away to fresher looking skin.

Instructions: To be used optimally twice a week, or at least once a week. Take a nut sized amount, and dab a little water onto your face. Apply using your fingers, and scrub in a circular motion till you cover your face like a face mask avoiding eyes and lip area. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse off. You'll instantly feel like a layer of dirt has been removed, and it'll give you a fresh sensation. You can also use it on other body parts to make them smoother, such as knees, elbows or give yourself a scrub during a pedicure. It's definitely multi-purpose. Not recommended for daily use though, as it is heavy duty material and may cause rupture to your skin if used excessively.

Overall, love it! This is a classic item one should have on their shower rack. Suitable for men too!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FANCL White Clear Mask

FANCL White Clear Mask
HK $150 for 3 pieces 

Product Information:
WHITE CLEAR MASK is a preservative-free whitening treatment mask which cares for UV-damaged skin, controls melanin production, prevents freckles and spots.

Ideal for after sun exposure, it has Licorice Derivative to help soothe inflammation and calm the redness of UV-damaged skin.

Made of 100% natural cotton, the mask contains 16ml of rich beauty essence which penetrates deeply into skin to restore moisture and radiance. It is specially designed for Asian faces with whole face coverage including eye lids, for relieving dullness around eye area.

My review: 
 It works! Although it averages to about HK $50 per piece and is quite pricey, it's worth it. When you're really tired, and need that extra something to help you feel and look refreshed, this is definitely it. The mask fits snugly on your face. You need to leave it on for 10 mins, and let your skin soak in the moisture and essence, and you can feel the skin rejuvenation. It works best if the essence is left into your skin overnight, then you can really see the effect of brighter skin in the morning. It will also work where you need to rest and hydrate your skin for a big night out, or for example, between wedding make up quick changes and makeovers. Overall, love it!

FANCL in general is known for their skin care products, and I believe this is their best selling item. Check it out to see if it works for you! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin-E Sink-In Moisture Mask

The Body Shop | Vitamin-E Sink-In Moisture Mask
HK $219

Love it! Just bought this yesterday, and I'll continue using this every night. It's like a night cream, except it's ten times more hydrating, perfect for dry skin. It's quite a thin layer, but it does the job of rejuvenating your skin really well. All you have to do is rinse your face, dab it dry, and apply this moisture mask. There is no need to wash it off. Let the moisture sink in, and wake up to a fresh face. It smells really good too!

 Out of all the Vitamin-E products that The Body Shop has launched, I believe this could be the best. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Fragrance

Sorry been so MIA on the blog updates. I'll try to get back to my daily update routine.

So for Fragrance Friday, since it's almost pay day (hurrah!), why not splurge on yourself? Retail therapy is the best form of medicine for the soul.

COCO Mademoiselle Chanel
Eau De Parfum
100 mL | ~ HKD 1000

Love it! This is one perfume that I like to wear on rare occasions. I wouldn't use it everyday because of (1) financial reasons, (2) it has a bold and distinct scent. The scent from this is not very mature, (like the other Chanel perfumes), but it isn't suitable for teenagers either. It is long-lasting, feels new to wear to a good gathering, is sensual and feels like a personal luxury. Watch out for fakes if buying online!

Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Litchi, Rose, Italian Jasmine
Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Bourbon Vanilla, White Musk
This smells very similar to the Chloe perfume.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3LAB Perfect Lite Sunblock spf 30

Received this from COVERmagazine. 

3LAB Perfect Lite Sunscreen SPF 30
100 mL
45 USD

Summer is round the corner, so it's time to review some good sunscreen. When I first received this, I thought it was a cheap product as the packaging nor the label is fancy. Only when I looked up the price, I was really surprised. Would you pay HK $360 for a SPF 30 sunblock? Neither would I! 

As a sunscreen lotion, this product is quite smooth. It's not thick and is easily applicable. It is water-resistant, and doesn't leave white traces as other lotions might. However, with a bit of research, I found that this doesn't suit all types of skin. A lot of reviews mentioned that this clogged their pores, and caused them to break-out i.e. loads of pimples. It was fine on my skin though, so try at your own risk! 

Honestly, instead of spending so much on this, I'd rather get the Banana Boat/Neutrogena/Nivea Sunscreens. The one I use all the time is the SPF 50/SPF 80 Spray one from Banana Boat, and no complains. It's much more affordable too!

 Banana Boat Spray Sunscreen SPF 50
177 mL
11 USD

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double Eyeliner

So from my photoshoot a few weeks ago, I tried something new! I think it turned out pretty well. You like?

This look could work for the day. Just maybe not for office.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Armani Summer 2012: Écailles

This summer, Giorgio Armani will launch a new theme for their upcoming collection.

Their collection is more of a surprise compared to other major collections for the season. As opposed to bright summery colors, the Giorgio Armani Écailles Collection for summer 2012 aims to 'enchant the public with an oceanic beauty fantasy using cool, sea-inspired makeup products.' Their theme is quite dark, and they're using this depth of color to represent everything oceanic; such as the moonlight on the sea, black and white pearls. With all the bright shades out for the upcoming season, I wonder if they'll get some consumers in the mood for something dark and mysterious? That being said, I'd love to try out the Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow in Obsidian Black. Looks very interesting!

Écailles Luxury Edition Eye Palette ($150 CDN) – Limited Edition

Écailles Classic Edition Eye Palette ($59 USD)

Face and Cheeks Duo Palette ($60 USD)

Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows ($32 USD)
Left to Right (Top): #20 Obsidian Black (Limited Edition)
#21 Obsidian Grey
(Bottom): #22 Écailles
#24 Madre Perla (Limited Edition)

Gloss D’Armani ($28 USD)

#509 Pink Quartz
#510 Rose Crocoite (Limited Edition)
#511 Raspberry Zincite
#512 Red Andradite

Thursday, March 15, 2012



The name says it all. Concealers hide imperfections on your face or body. There are concealers that hide anything, from scars to tattoos, but the most common use is for lightening dark under-eye circles. The product should have a creamy texture for easy blending, and the shade should always be lighter than your skin tone to create the brightening effect.


- Concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your skin
- don't use concealer to cover blemishes. The correct color for lightening dark circles will be too light to cover your pimple. It would make it stick out instead.
- Use fingertips to press in the concealer. Do not rub. 


You can wear concealer without foundation, but you can't wear foundation without concealer. Using a brush or your finger, apply the concealer under your eyes starting at the inner corner of the eye. Cover the entire area below your lashes, and then blend by using your finger to press in the concealer. Layer with loose powder/compact powder to lock in the concealer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Make Up Brushes

Looking for something new to do with your make-up? Try this! A perfect little project to keep you busy over the weekend, and it'll cheer you up every morning while getting ready.

Use your current brushes, or run to the art supplies store to pick up a few new ones. You can do this at home!

1. What you'll need:
  • Wooden makeup brushes
  • Martha Stewart craft paint
  • Sanding Block
  • Paintbrushes
2. Sand your brush handle in a downward motion, unless the wood is already rough. This will help the paint to stick to the surface.

3. Paint a base coat.

4. Choose your design! Have fun.

This is a quirky spots and stripes design. They'll look cute in a glass container on your shelf. Can't wait to try out something similar. If only the art store was closer.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Up for review today is Benefit's new liquid foundation. 

 Benefit | Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow | Brightening Makeup
US $34

The details:
  • Brightening make-up
  • Oil-free
  • SPF 25
  • PA +++ protection
  • hydrating benefits
  • Available in 9 shades

    My thoughts:
Love it, would be an understatement! Benefit is a brand I've never bought from before, and it was thanks to COVERmagazine that I got to try this product. After trying this, I would gladly dispose of all my liquid foundation, and just use this. This is really good for light to medium coverage, and has light diffusing properties. Usually, when a foundation is labelled is brightening, its mainly filled with glitter. This one instead, provides a natural finish.  

As for the brightening, it lives up to the label. It really does brighten your skin, and makes you look fresher. The SPF and the PA are a bonus. Moreover, this foundation isn't thick, it's quite creamy and hydrating. 

Overall, a must-buy! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Splash a Little Colour

Hey everyone! Happy Holi!

Holi is a traditional custom in our Indian Culture, where we throw colored powder on each other. It's symbolic of an event in our Mythology, and also to celebrate a new beginning, Spring.

So let's splash a little color into each other's lives in this Festival of Colors. Less words, and more actions! =) Enjoy!

Some cream


Powder Foundation 


Eye primer





 Some tinted Lip balm

 For details on products that I used, check out my previous posts! Peace.