Tuesday, May 8, 2012

shu uemura stage performer signs off

Received this thanks to COVERmagazine! 

shu uemura stage performer signs-off
45 USD | 4mL

This product is supposed to smooth away the appearance of lines in an instant. It's to be used as either base make up (before your foundation) or as a final touch, depending on whether you're keeping dry or moist. It contains soy extract to boost collagen synthesis and firm the skin. It also aims to give a smooth look and plumped skin. According to the label, it will give you 6 hours of lasting, visible results and 24 hour moisture. 

Is this true? 

The answer is yes! I tried it as base make-up, and it gives a highlighter effect that kind of gives the impression that your skin is raised. This has no glitter, and its pure cream. If you apply it to your cupids bow (the curve above your lips), it'll give the impression of fuller lips. It can be used anywhere, but I believe the most dramatic effect could be seen on that area. Since the function is to boost collagen synthesis, it can't be bad for you right? I recommend using it under your concealer to brighten up the eye area. An innovation with fast results! A magic pen I would say. Try and see for yourself! A recommended buy.

In the stage performer category, there is also another product. It's called the instant glow. I believe that should be good too! Would love to try that also. COVERmagazine, are you reading? ;)

 shu uemura stage performer instant-glow
50 USD | 50 mL

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