Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marks and Spencer - Beauty

You may not know this, but M&S is an excellent place to shop for toiletries! They have a wide variety of products from shower creams to fragrances. Think of the bath section of The Body Shop, with a lot more variety at cheaper prices.

I love that the products of M&S have refreshing fragrances, are of good sizes and at a bonus - at very reasonable prices. It's the best place to shop for talcum powders, bath creams and shower gels. It caters to men as well!

Here are some of my favorite products in M&S. I find their scent unique and have stocked up multiple times on each. Love!

PS - The price of each product may be a little more expensive in Hong Kong. These prices are converted prices from GBP.  

Essential Extracts Aloe Vera Shower Gel
250 ml
HK $15

This is one product where aloe vera actually smells good! It smells very morning-like, spring-like, spa-like - in other words, refreshing! Love!

Florentyna Body Lotion
250 ml
HK $50

This is a  floral mix, with rose as the active ingredient. It's a moisturizing lotion, and it smells like heaven! The florentyna collection has more products such as shower creams, talcom powders and perfumes. All are very good, and pretty packaging too! Love it!

M&S Beauty focuses more on the fresh garden scent, like lavender, waterlily, rose and different blends of these. It does great gift sets as well. You never know what you might find in there! =)

Monday, January 30, 2012

AUBE Couture Puffy Cheek Blush

AUBE Couture released new rouge shades for their Spring 2012 make up collection. I'll be reviewing one of their new shades today! Thanks COVERmagazine! 

My review:

AUBE Couture Puffy Cheek Blush #413

Take the ring off, and press the bottle.

Do not throw the ring away! That is AUBE's selling point here. The ring guides as to where the blush should be applied.
Place the ring at the bottom corner of the nose, and hold it sideways. Apply blush to that area.

Now for the actual review! I'd say that this product is a fair buy. It doesn't give the same results for various skin tones. It has a soft peach color, and subtle shimmer. For fair skin tones, it would be a decent buy, but for medium or darker skin, you'll hardly be able to tell the difference before and after. Being of medium skin tone, I applied a generous amount but saw only little color, and more shimmer. (See from photo above) This could work for a light day look though. As for the size, this would take up a lot of space in your make-up kit.

Personally, when it comes to blushes I prefer the traditional powder where you use a brush to apply it. You can control how much of the powder comes onto your brush, size is convenient, as well as it feels more sanitary.  The puff on these kinds of blushes such as the Aube Couture one, usually turns greasy/dirty at some point of time, and you don't feel like using it anymore. Your options then become to tear off the puff and keep using the powder with something else such as a brush or dispose off the whole thing. In this sense, I'd say much more convenient to buy a powder one without the puff in the first place! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Fragrance

For this week's selection, my favorite is the White Musk scent from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop White Musk
Eau De Parfum 30 mL
HK $239

This is a velvety, sensual fragrance that lasts for hours.
Being an eau de parfum, it is the most concentrated, longest lasting, and strongest form of fragrance. Moreover, the size is perfect to fit in your handbag. Not fruity at all, and it's not a perfume that smells sweet, but instead, it's one of those that smells fresh and morning-like. Love it! 

The Body Shop White Musk
Eau De Toilette 30 mL
HK $159

Giving the same fragrance as the Eau De Parfum, the difference is that this is a lighter version. Oftenly used as a body splash. If choosing between the two, I'd recommend buying the Eau De Parfum. It gives a stronger fragrance, and a longer lasting one. As this is a fragrance that is not fruity at all or so sweet that its sickening, it's a refreshing blend. 

Some OPI Favorites!

Hello everyone! You never know what a nail color actually looks like until you get to try it on, but since that is not allowed, we have to make do with swatches in the store. Sometimes the color is a fluke and you love it, and sometimes vice versa. Here are some personal favorites, and favorites of my peers from the OPI collection. Hope the photos help! 

OPI Got The Blues For Red

Every girl needs a staple red! Perfect shade for all seasons. It is not extremely dark and not too bloody, falling right in between. A perfect red for all occasions.

OPI Roadhouse Blues

For those bored of the red/pink/brown cycle, this shade is a nice break. It's a subtle blend of purple and blue so could be used for both casual or formal occasions. Goes well with all skin tones.

OPI Crepes Suzi Ette

A more mature shade as its chocalatey brown. It works better for those going for a subtle look.

OPI Tickle My France-y

Love this color! It is a nude-ish, pink shade that gives the perfect amount of light and color reflection. Resembling the french manicure look, it gives a classy and chic look. It can be worn on all occasions. Another advantage is that even if your nail chips, it doesn't look horrible as its a subtle color. You can get away with postponing your manicure. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Fragrance

 Talking about perfumes, there are a variety of types; eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc. How do you choose?

First, we have to know the difference between the products. Why does a 100mL of eau de perfum cost more than 100mL of eau de toilette? What's the difference?

The difference in price is due to the difference in concentration levels. Alcohol is used as a liquid base for perfume. The ratio of alcohol to scented perfume concentrate determines the final label. From the highest concentration to least, the different forms of perfume are:

  • Perfume, can include 15-40% perfume concentrates. As this is the purest form of scented product, it is also the most expensive. Also known as extract or extrait perfume. 
  • Eau de parfum, includes 7-15% perfume concentrates. This is the most popular and common form of perfume found. It provides a long-lasting fragrance and generally isn't as expensive as perfume.
  • Eau de toilette, includes 1-6% perfume concentrates. Originally intented to be a body splash, the scent doesn't linger as long as the more intense versions.
  • Eau de cologne is sometimes used interchangeably with eau de toilette. This is also a light, fresh fragrance.
Today's pick would be:

Ralph Lauren Romance
Eau de Parfum
1.7 oz HK $480
3.4 oz HK $610

This has the sensual elements of velvety woods, extravagent florals and seductive musk. Although it was released in 1998, it remains as my favorite perfume. It has a spring-like feel to it and lasts long. It's not too sweet or fruity, and gives an intense refreshing fragrance - got to love it!

My post for COVERmagazine:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mineral makeup

Mineral make-up aims to use no preservatives, fillers or binders. It attempts to give the coverage desired, without the chemicals that the skin doesnt need. Nowadays, most companies have a mineral makeup product line. Be careful as to not believe them blindly. Try the products on yourself, and look out for any skin irritation.

One of the best-selling mineral products company is bareMinerals. Their products are 100% mineral. Their swirl, tap, buff technique is quickly gaining recognition. Read below for product reviews.

Products worth investing in from bareMinerals:

Warmth All-Over Face Color
This acts as a bronzer. Apply onto areas of your face where the sun would naturally touch, such as the cheekbones, eyelids, forehead, chin and bridge of the nose. 

Mineral Veil or Tinted Mineral Veil
This provides the finishing touch to your makeup, giving an airbrush complexion. Buff over the foundation to absorb oil, minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. 

SPF 15 Foundation
This is the main foundation. There are various types of foundation available, such as Matte Finish and Original. Apply with different types of brush of variation in coverage. 

Overall, I myself was recommended this product, and once I tried it, I never went back to liquid foundation.  Love it!

1. Mineral make-up. All natural.
2. Since it's powder form, it doesn't look like you have applied heavy make-up. Does not look cakey.
3. It gives you a healthy glow
4. Long lasting
5. Improves skin condition
6. Quick application!
7. You can choose your coverage. If you want light coverage, just dab a little. If you want heavier coverage, use more of it
8. Provides sun protection. The foundation is SPF 15
9. Now available in Hong Kong! Harvey Nichols in Pacific Place, and Faces in Ocean Terminal. Visit their booth for a quick demo

1. It's meant for daily use, and if you're looking for high coverage, this is not for you. This product works well for light-medium coverage

If you have dark circles, I'd recommend using your own cream concealor instead of the bareMinerals concealor, as a cream concealor would give more coverage. Apply bareMinerals foundation over the concealor for better coverage. 

When you first start using this product, it might not look like its making much difference. But see yourself in a different light without applying too much at first, and you'll see the difference.

My article for COVERmagazine:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Make-Up Removers

Make-Up removers reviewed! There are different types of removers in the market: oils, creams, clear solutions, wipes. I would recommend using waterproof removers, as most make-up now tends to be waterproof.

 L'oreal Gentle Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
HK $70

This is the best make-up remover from my experience. It is waterproof, removes eye make-up instantly, is oil-free, and inexpensive. The most difficult product to remove is a good kohl, but this remover does a fantastic job in removing it. There will be no traces left. Also, suitable for all skin types, dermatologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers. Definitely a product worth re-stocking on. Shake before use.

Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover
HK $120 

This is the best cream make-up remover that I've used. It can wipe off the thickest waterproof mascara, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. However, this does not completely remove kohl, and can sting your eyes as the product goes in. If you don't have to re-apply make-up immediately, then this is highly recommended! 

Andrea  Eye Q's Eye Makeup Remover Pads
HK $45

There are a variety of these in the market. 65 pads in one box. The pads are really small, so you end up using at least 5 at one go. You need tissue to wipe your face afterwards as it generally leaves a very slight greasy film. This does not work so well for waterproof make-up. Suitable for contact lens wearers, and is handy while traveling. 

 Comodynes Make-Up Remover wipes 
HK $50

The wipes do a decent job of removing make-up. Not 100% effective, but wipes do give a refreshed feeling, especially if they have a soft fragrance to it. There are a variety of wipes in the market. Choose according to your skin type. I generally use a wipe after I have used a make-up remover solution, just so it feels like everything is off, leaving a refreshed feeling. Wipes are good choices for travel.

A rule of thumb for a good make-up remover, is to buy a clear formula that is suitable for all skin types. My standard buy is the L'oreal Waterproof eye and lip make up remover. Apply moisturizer afterwards if you have to.

Check out the official review on COVERmagazine:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sonia Rykiel Beaute 25th Anniversary Celebration (Part II)

Hello! Today I reviewed the Velvet Eyeshadow from:

Sonia Rykiel Beaute 25th Anniversary Celebration

This is a sparkly cream eyeshadow

A little about cream shadows in general:

1. There is no need for an eyeshadow base/primer
2. It is more longlasting than a powder eyeshadow
3. Easy to give a metallic impression

1. A lot depends on the packaging of the product. Generally, it's really messy to use a cream shadow as it's best applied with fingertips, and as its usually glitter. Can get all over the place!
2. Can give quite a thick layer on your eyelids
3. Colors are limited. Most often, the colors seen are soft glittery hues of purple/green/blue

Read the reviews of the Velvet Eyeshadow from Sonia Rykiel by clicking the link below!


Sonia Rykiel Beaute 25th Anniversary Celebration

I will now officially be blogging for COVERmagazine HK!

My first assignment will be 3 products from the following:

 Sonia Rykiel Beaute 25th Anniversary Celebration

 To mark its silver jubilee, Sonia Rykiel will release a limited make-up collection soon. It consists of 2 lip-glosses, 1 blush and 1 eyeshadow. Follow the link below to read my reviews on the products!