Friday, January 27, 2012

Some OPI Favorites!

Hello everyone! You never know what a nail color actually looks like until you get to try it on, but since that is not allowed, we have to make do with swatches in the store. Sometimes the color is a fluke and you love it, and sometimes vice versa. Here are some personal favorites, and favorites of my peers from the OPI collection. Hope the photos help! 

OPI Got The Blues For Red

Every girl needs a staple red! Perfect shade for all seasons. It is not extremely dark and not too bloody, falling right in between. A perfect red for all occasions.

OPI Roadhouse Blues

For those bored of the red/pink/brown cycle, this shade is a nice break. It's a subtle blend of purple and blue so could be used for both casual or formal occasions. Goes well with all skin tones.

OPI Crepes Suzi Ette

A more mature shade as its chocalatey brown. It works better for those going for a subtle look.

OPI Tickle My France-y

Love this color! It is a nude-ish, pink shade that gives the perfect amount of light and color reflection. Resembling the french manicure look, it gives a classy and chic look. It can be worn on all occasions. Another advantage is that even if your nail chips, it doesn't look horrible as its a subtle color. You can get away with postponing your manicure. 

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