Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Fragrance

For this week's selection, my favorite is the White Musk scent from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop White Musk
Eau De Parfum 30 mL
HK $239

This is a velvety, sensual fragrance that lasts for hours.
Being an eau de parfum, it is the most concentrated, longest lasting, and strongest form of fragrance. Moreover, the size is perfect to fit in your handbag. Not fruity at all, and it's not a perfume that smells sweet, but instead, it's one of those that smells fresh and morning-like. Love it! 

The Body Shop White Musk
Eau De Toilette 30 mL
HK $159

Giving the same fragrance as the Eau De Parfum, the difference is that this is a lighter version. Oftenly used as a body splash. If choosing between the two, I'd recommend buying the Eau De Parfum. It gives a stronger fragrance, and a longer lasting one. As this is a fragrance that is not fruity at all or so sweet that its sickening, it's a refreshing blend. 

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