Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marks and Spencer - Beauty

You may not know this, but M&S is an excellent place to shop for toiletries! They have a wide variety of products from shower creams to fragrances. Think of the bath section of The Body Shop, with a lot more variety at cheaper prices.

I love that the products of M&S have refreshing fragrances, are of good sizes and at a bonus - at very reasonable prices. It's the best place to shop for talcum powders, bath creams and shower gels. It caters to men as well!

Here are some of my favorite products in M&S. I find their scent unique and have stocked up multiple times on each. Love!

PS - The price of each product may be a little more expensive in Hong Kong. These prices are converted prices from GBP.  

Essential Extracts Aloe Vera Shower Gel
250 ml
HK $15

This is one product where aloe vera actually smells good! It smells very morning-like, spring-like, spa-like - in other words, refreshing! Love!

Florentyna Body Lotion
250 ml
HK $50

This is a  floral mix, with rose as the active ingredient. It's a moisturizing lotion, and it smells like heaven! The florentyna collection has more products such as shower creams, talcom powders and perfumes. All are very good, and pretty packaging too! Love it!

M&S Beauty focuses more on the fresh garden scent, like lavender, waterlily, rose and different blends of these. It does great gift sets as well. You never know what you might find in there! =)


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