Thursday, February 2, 2012

FANCL Massage & Lift Cream

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FANCL's Philosophy:

Established on the unique philosophy of MUTENKA, FANCL's approach is preservative-free skincare. FANCL MUTENKA products contain no potentially harmful preservatives or other additives, only potent beauty agents that actively work to enhance skin's natural beauty. It advocates an approach to beauty that is pure, fresh and safe.

Skin rejuvenation is most active at night between 10pm to 2am. FANCL's limited edition beauty selection is a collection of night skin care products that help multiply the skin's rejuvenation power, and repair of skin damage caused by the day's pollution and UV rays.


FANCL Precious Beauty Selection

This collection takes care of skin damage. With skin rejuvenation working actively through the night, you will awaken to refreshed and renewed skin. The collection consists of 4 products - the Beauty Concentrate, limited edition Massage & Lift Cream, Overnight Esthe Pack, and the Moist & Vital Mask.


Massage & Lift Cream
50g, Lifts skin for a tight and firm face line

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