Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Tips & Tricks

So Fragrance Fridays I share with you some of my favorite perfumes, and from now on, every Wednesday, I'll share with you some tips to a fresh and vibrant look! Just in time to let you look your best for Ladies Night! =) 

5 tips that are tried and tested!

1. "For a gorgeous look, apply Trio eye shadows. The dark eyeshadow along your lash line, medium shade on the crease & a light shade up to the brow bone."

What I think: You cant' really wear this for day wear. For day wear, if you'd like to use eyeshadow, stick to a neutral tone and use only one shade on your eyelid. This tip works well for an evening look!

Love these shades! | L'oréal Quad Pro | Quad Yeux Noirs 331

2. "To keep the eye make-up simple, just use Kohl Pencil with a transparent lip gloss & instantly look like a star"

What I think: Works like a charm! For more effect, use a lipgloss with a hint of color! Apply kohl to the lower lash line, and for added effect to the upper lashline. 

3. "Spread your foundation make-up in a downward stroke to keep the hair on your face from sticking up. Also apply it around ears & down the neck."

What I think: True! Use fingertips to blend. No need to go around the ears, but just under the ear lobe. And apply foundation under your chin so it gives a smooth finish instead of an abrupt stop at your face. No need to go on the neck.

4. "Use waterproof/water resistant mascara & eyeliners to get the best look for the monsoon."

What I think: Waterproof makeup is an investment! Not only for monsoon, but for all weathers! Would recommend to use a Lancôme mascara! Those things work magic to your lashes!

Lancôme Mascara | Experiment with different brushes! =)

5. "For fabulous long striking lashes, apply mascara twice. Start with brushing them down and then artistically brushing them upwards."

What I think: Tried and it works! Brushing your lashes down from the top, and then pushing them upwards gives and extra oomph to the look. Think about it: you're coating your lashes from the top and the bottom. There will be a difference! 

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