Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nivea Visage Q10 Eye-Cream

Today's product was received from an anonymous guest! I'd like to thank the person, whoever it is, for sending it across. This is the beginning of something new! =) 

So this is up for review today: 

 Nivea Visage | Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
HK $139.9 | 15 ml
Available at local drugstores 

What's new about this eye-cream? 

So every eye-cream claims to have some 'new ingredient' that will definitely help your dark circles/wrinkles this time. For this, its the Q10 factor. According to the label:

"Q10 is a powerful Co-enzyme found naturally in the skin and with age, its level decreases. As a result skin is more prone to damage by external influences, one of the main causes of premature skin-aging"

What I think:

I have been shopping for eye-creams since I was young. I have horrible dark eye circles, and have gotten a consultation on them numerous times. Have also tried many under-eye creams and gels, and calcium enhancers, and aloe vera based products,  and what not.. I also maintain a healthier lifestyle now! But they just don't seem to disappear! So I've come to a conclusion - it's heredity. You can't fight it. With that being said though, maybe they won't disappear 100%, but an effort can be made to reduce them.. so just keep looking!

I've tried this product for 2 days now, and believe it or not, I do see a slight difference! What's different about this eye-cream from others, is that upon application, there is a very slight burning sensation, it tingles, so it let's me believe that the ingredients are working! I've never had that feeling with other eye-creams before, so I'm definitely going to continue using this for a few more weeks to see if there is any noticeable impact. A really good purchase I would say! 

Just a note though - don't rub it into your eyes as it will burn. Apply it carefully under your eyes. 

The whole set:


Beautiful royal packaging! 

Night Cream | Eye cream | Day Cream 

Also, guess what I found? Britain's new princess - Kate Middleton - more popularly known as Mrs. Prince William also uses these products. She does not endorse them, but actually uses them. Now that's refreshing! 


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