Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Fragrance

Let's shake things up a little! For the fragrance of the week, I pick this men's perfume from Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer Autograph
Eau de toilette for men

Their autograph scent for men is an aphrodisiac. It's the right balance between subtle and strong, it's musky and just plain sexy. The other variations in the Autograph line (for men especially) are really good as well. I'd say men's perfumes and colognes in general have a more sensual effect on the ladies, than vice versa.

Also, its quite difficult to find a men's perfume that you really don't like. With ladies perfumes you can categorize between, hate - like - love, but with men's perfumes it's more of a decision between like - love. For this, it's a love!

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