Make-Up Classes

So I was free, and decided to take up some make up classes. I didn't want to do anything too basic, because I already know most of the material, and I didn't want to do anything too advanced cause that would have included how to make scars, and wounds, and yuck. I enrolled into a make-up course at Vogue It Is, and it was the best decision ever! The teacher herself is the make-up artist and the founder of the academy, so you get first-hand insight. Plus it is a very practical course, which is what you need in the industry. Here are some in-class photos!

Natural Day Make Up

CatEyes! Left Vs. Right

CatEyes part 2 - Animal Inspired. Guess which animal?

Advice - This might be a little over the top for everyday or even evening wear. =P Haha, this is theatre make up.

A side shot of the cateyes

CatEyes Extension. I take partial credit for this.

Working on look 2

Voila! Evening make up! Not too cakey/glossy for mature skin, with good hint of color

Evening make up on another model. Experimented with blue eyeshadow this time.

The other side. Untouched.

Haha, don't know why I have uploaded this. It shows you my amateur face art skills. I like the eyeshadow though.

Another shot

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