Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clinique - Almost Lipstick

Sorry for the late post! I'm doing a bit of traveling so updating when I can! On today's menu is a Clinique product. 

Clinique | Almost Lipstick | Tender Honey

So this is a new line for Clinique's upcoming Spring collection. It is a product that falls between a lipbalm and a lipstick. This is a very natural shade, and would provide a visible color to someone of very fair skin tone. On others, it will just work as a clear lipbalm. Rating it as a lipbalm, I would say it's a not quite for me. As someone who needs lipbalm quite often, I would use this product up in a day! Unfortunatley, the lasting power of this product is not that long. I needed to re-apply this almost every half an hour, and still I was not satisfied with the moisture. I require more intense moisture, such as that provided by Vaseline. This just wasn't enough. Moreover, Clinique's unique feature is that their products are fragrance-free. I personally prefer slightly scented products as it makes me feel refreshed, so this was a put off.

What I do like about this product is that the case is very sleek and chic. It's convenient to carry and to apply. Also, no mess involved! Overall, I would rate this product slightly below an average buy.

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