Monday, January 30, 2012

AUBE Couture Puffy Cheek Blush

AUBE Couture released new rouge shades for their Spring 2012 make up collection. I'll be reviewing one of their new shades today! Thanks COVERmagazine! 

My review:

AUBE Couture Puffy Cheek Blush #413

Take the ring off, and press the bottle.

Do not throw the ring away! That is AUBE's selling point here. The ring guides as to where the blush should be applied.
Place the ring at the bottom corner of the nose, and hold it sideways. Apply blush to that area.

Now for the actual review! I'd say that this product is a fair buy. It doesn't give the same results for various skin tones. It has a soft peach color, and subtle shimmer. For fair skin tones, it would be a decent buy, but for medium or darker skin, you'll hardly be able to tell the difference before and after. Being of medium skin tone, I applied a generous amount but saw only little color, and more shimmer. (See from photo above) This could work for a light day look though. As for the size, this would take up a lot of space in your make-up kit.

Personally, when it comes to blushes I prefer the traditional powder where you use a brush to apply it. You can control how much of the powder comes onto your brush, size is convenient, as well as it feels more sanitary.  The puff on these kinds of blushes such as the Aube Couture one, usually turns greasy/dirty at some point of time, and you don't feel like using it anymore. Your options then become to tear off the puff and keep using the powder with something else such as a brush or dispose off the whole thing. In this sense, I'd say much more convenient to buy a powder one without the puff in the first place! 

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