Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3LAB Perfect Lite Sunblock spf 30

Received this from COVERmagazine. 

3LAB Perfect Lite Sunscreen SPF 30
100 mL
45 USD

Summer is round the corner, so it's time to review some good sunscreen. When I first received this, I thought it was a cheap product as the packaging nor the label is fancy. Only when I looked up the price, I was really surprised. Would you pay HK $360 for a SPF 30 sunblock? Neither would I! 

As a sunscreen lotion, this product is quite smooth. It's not thick and is easily applicable. It is water-resistant, and doesn't leave white traces as other lotions might. However, with a bit of research, I found that this doesn't suit all types of skin. A lot of reviews mentioned that this clogged their pores, and caused them to break-out i.e. loads of pimples. It was fine on my skin though, so try at your own risk! 

Honestly, instead of spending so much on this, I'd rather get the Banana Boat/Neutrogena/Nivea Sunscreens. The one I use all the time is the SPF 50/SPF 80 Spray one from Banana Boat, and no complains. It's much more affordable too!

 Banana Boat Spray Sunscreen SPF 50
177 mL
11 USD

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