Monday, March 5, 2012

MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment, Aloha!

So moving on from where we stopped last week, check off the lipstick!

Vera Pearlmatte Face Powder | Flower Fantasy | US $28
Tendertone Lip Balm | Hot 'n' Saucy | US $15
Shop MAC Lipstick | Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen) | US $14.50
Crushed Metallic Pigment | Aloha | US $34

Day 2:
On today's agenda is the crushed metallic pigment. These 4 shades come together. 

They are from the MAC Vera Collection for Spring 2012

Top row (left to right): Lantern Light, Shifting Sands
Bottom row (left  to right): Campfire, Aloha

 Left to right: Lantern Light (light metallic bronze), Campfire (medium metallic copper), Shifting Sands (pale metallic champagne), Aloha (metallic brown)

Love the second color! The copper seems so rich in it.

So I tried this on my model. 

 Apply moisturizer.

 Apply under eye concealer and a light layer of foundation.

 Since this eyeshadow is powder form, I thought it was best to use some eyeshadow primer to help the eyeshadow stick for a longer period of time. And for it not to crease.

The first thought in my head for this was, it will create a mess! I decided to be safe and cover the face with a tissue. Even if some glitter falls, it won't ruin the face! Highly recommended to do this.

 Line upper lashline with eyeliner, and lower lashline with kohl.  

Curl the eyelashes and apply mascara.


These pigments are amazing! But instead of having to buy 4 together, I wonder if there's an option to buy just one? For almost everyone, I think there will be only one shade that you'd want to use almost all the time, and one that you'll never use. I'm definitely loving the 2 golden shades (Lantern Light and Campfire)

Uses for pigments:
1. Eyeshadow
2. Mix in glitter for all sorts of things - eg. foundation, blush, lipgloss, nailpaint 

A few tips on using these pigments:
1. Be careful of all the glitter! It can get really messy. If using as an eyeshadow, use a tissue to cover the area under your eyes like I did, otherwise your face will be a glitter ball. 
2. Also, use something creamy such as an eyeshadow primer/face cream on the eyelids before applying the powder. This will help it stick and last longer.

Other than that, love this product! A definite buy. 

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