Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wednesday Tips & Tricks

I'm running a day late for posting up entries!! I've been busy reviewing other products from COVERmagazine that I didn't get time to do daily entries! I'll be up-to-date by next week!

So for Wednesday Tips and Tricks: Here are 5!

1. "A stroke of pink always perks up the complexion"

What I think: True! Either a blush or lipgloss. Do not use dark pink as an eyeshadow as it can give you a tired look. 

2. "Loose powder will keep your foundation in place all day and can also be used for touch-up"

What I think: True! But loose powder is only suitable for those with oily skin. If you have dry skin but an oily T-zone, apply it only there. For oily skin, apply on the whole face. For dry skin, instead of this, rub moisturizer into your hands and just press onto your face to set everything in.

3. "Always blend the concealor in a tapping motion"

What I think: Yes! Tapping is the correct way. Do not rub it in. Also, if you use powder foundation, apply concealor first. If you use liquid foundation, apply concealor afterwards (you need to blend the foundation by rubbing it in, and it masks some of the imperfections with a first layer. Tap in concealor afterwards)

4. "Golden hours for sleep: 10 pm - 2 am, Avoid the sun: Between 11 am - 3 pm"

What I think: haha! I think it's a challenge for an insomniac like me to fall asleep before 1 am. As for the sun, I'd say its healthy to get a little vitamin D once in a while. Enjoy the sunshine, but don't get burnt in it!

5. "Lipsticks require high maintenance, so to keep them on for a longer time, layer lipsticks over a lip liner."

What I think: True! Outline and color in your lips with your lipliner first, and then use a lipbrush to apply lipstick, especially if it is a bright/dark shade, paying special care to the top curve in and out. I think it's called the cupid's bow?

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