Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer colors for your nails =)

Here are some of my current favorite shades:

Nicole Reach Out

O.P.I has launched a slightly more wallet-friendly collection by the name of Nicole. The shades are pretty, and the coat lasts upto 10 days which is decent enough. Also, this collection is more easily available. You can buy their shades in Sasa and also have a look at their color chart for a better idea.

So this is my current No. 1 favorite. You can't see the color by one coat though, at least two coats are needed. It is a soft pink shade (not barbie-ish), and a unique color that I've seen only from Nicole. Overall a good buy!

Nicole City Pretty Rose

This comes in second. Color is seen with one coat, and this is also a unique shade that you won't find with more budget nail polishes like Revlon. A recommended buy and a good one!

Nicole Stolen Kisses

This is a more reddish tone, but new and pretty nonetheless! Enjoy.

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